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Current classes being offered at your own schedule and pace . We can provide Training at your location . Would you like to have your DATA work for you?

BLD Consulting can help your Agency develop or streamline business practices for data collection and reporting. We can help you with Business Planning, defining Work Flow and Validation to ensure the DATA you are collecting and reporting is valid, relevant and accurate! Let us help you meet your data needs and assist in meeting your data goals and objectives. Current classes being offered at your own schedule and pace . On-Line Instruction also available .

The processes we teach are used with the knowledge of the Fire Department, a little bit of excel knowledge and learning how to ask the right questions of the data we want to see or report. We will explore the Fire RMS Program, the back end SQL database and we will demonstrate the way these systems store and provide data for our Crystal Reports that we will build and operate.

Additional day of training can cover Admin Training of the FireRMS program data management instruction, data planning, defining data goals and objectives.

Fees and Services Costs:

On site visits and remote assignments are usually charged an hourly rate of $100.00 per hour plus expenses.

Project support may be estimated as a cost of deliverable work meeting a scope of work definition and vary in fees due to complexity and duration of projects.

Typical Crystal Reports may range in cost $200 to 600 dollars with reports of greater complexity reaching costs of several thousands of dollars. To assist in cost savings direction of portions work projects may be completed by Department Personnel.

Billing and Payment options vary with Department Budgets and ability to coordinate contract support services. Smaller Departments may draw out payments over many months to prevent budget impacts. Payments may be arranged from a modest monthly payment, to future billing for projects, due to current limited budget assets.

We are flexible and can provide a variety of options for Billing and Payment that may vary with Department Budgets and their ability to coordinate contract support services. Payments arrangements may include: modest monthly payments; future billing for projects; deposit with balance due upon completion.

Options may include a “No obligation visit” scheduled to personally interview support personnel prior to any budget considerations with the purpose to view examples of reports, customization, configurations, business planning and support from BLD Consulting. If support is contracted the initial visit costs will be included in future billing and projects. If no support is contracted no costs will be charged or billed.

More information, regarding services and support for FireRMS, Data Management Planning, Crystal Reporting (creation of reports or instruction of department personnel), Billing options, Policy and Procedure regarding data management, Data Documentation processes and other Data Management assistance please contact us

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