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We are a group of Active Fire Department members and computer programmers in Southern California that have joined together to provide development of Business Practices for Incident Reporting, Data Validation, Training Programs, Occupancy Inspections, Personnel Management, CAD Reporting and Records Management Systems Programming,Custom development to meet virtually any requirement.

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Data Validation:

Identify, Define, Configure, Collect, Validate, Extract and Report any required data elements in database.

Crystal Reports:

Create Custom Reports, Adapt existing reports Develop New Analyzing reports including multi-platform data analysis.

NEMSIS Reporting:

Identifying State NEMSIS Data elements and verifying data collection points to meet reporting requirements. Also relating to Local Medical Authority data reporting.

Fire Department Business Practices Development:

Assisting Fire Departments across the Country in establishing operating plans for meeting departmental goal and objectives. Data collection, Incident Management, Occupancy Data Collection and Inspection Practices, Scheduling and Tracking of Data projects.

Crystal Reports Training:

Instruction for using Crystal Reports as a Reporting and Analyzing tool. From beginning instruction to high end and complex reporting adaptations, including Charts, Maps, Data Validation and Verification.

NFIRS Reporting:

Identifying Federal and State Fire Reporting requirements, data verification, data collection, RMS customization and configuration to meet Federal, State and Local reporting requirements

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Numerous municipalities and department trust us to show them how to manage data!

Clients Say

The support... I can only say it's awesome. You make a product that saves me time and the city money! Simply Outstanding!

Mark Taylor - FD Captain

Amazing Service

Great reports with equally amazing customer service to go with it. Very prompt responses and very knowledgeable staff that truly cares about their customer. I stand 100% behind BLD consulting and will recommend any department.

Chief J. Stewart - Atlanta, GA
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