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Data entry validating tools ensure data requirements are met.

Eliminates dual entry of Training Data. Spend time training not entering data. Minimizes bad data entry. Keep your Data where you need it!


We offer many premade report templates focusing on just the data you need.

Offering Standardized and Custom Reports. Reducing searching and formatting data requirements.


Current classes being offered at your own schedule and pace

Would you like to have your DATA work for you? BLD Consulting can help your Agency develop or streamline business practices for data collection and reporting.


We offer many ready-to-use report templates focusing on just the data you need.

Excellent Training

The support... I can only say it's awesome. You make a product and you help people out any way you can even if it means that you have to log in on their dashboard to sort out any problems that customer might have. Simply Outstanding!

Mark Taylor - CFD

Essential Partner

BLD Consulting has been an essential partner in developing the functional data necessary for strategic planning and efficient service delivery.”

Jordan Webster, Fire Chief, City of Dinuba Fire Department

Amazing Service

Amazing customer service to go with it. Very prompt responses and very knowledgeable staff that truly cares about their customer. I stand 100% behind this product and will make sure to recommend it to other departments.

J. Stewart - Atlanta, GA

FireRMS Overview

This data entry program is designed to meet NFIRS reporting requirements and local department data collection and reporting requirements.

Ready to Use Reports

No more parsing out the data manually. Pick and run the desired report and access the correct data easily. See Samples.

Custom Training

Data Management for Fire Service... (Fires, EMS, Wildland, Training, Personnel, Dispatch, Staffing, Vehicles, Tools, Equipment, Inspections, Investigations, etc.

Budget Saving Tools

We have import tools, data entry tools, validation tools, and more coming all the time. Spend time doing, not compiling data.

Awesome Design

Our eye catching reports are formatted for ease of use and stunning visual presentation. Making accessing the right data easy. See Samples.

Top Notch Support

Real people make a real difference. Need help contact us, We have custom levels of training for whatever the need,

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More Questions about Custom Crystal Reporting and Data Management Support and Services?

Ask About Our Report Bundle Special

Ask About Our Report Bundle Special

Save Money!

Our reports save both time and money, they pay for themselves. Don't wait until your next budget overrun.

Ease of Use

Our classes will help even computer novices. Simple to use, and away you go.

Available Support

Still need help? Call us or email the question. Our Classed and video training can help too.

Best Choice Every Need

It does not matter the platform. Use FireFTP or other data management service, our tools and Crystal report packages will work for you.

Unleash the power of your data!

Fire RMS becomes easy with our Tools and Templates

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