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Incident Report

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Incident Report

BLD can assist in defining data collection for Incident Reporting.

We assist in identifying baseline information to be collected. We can provide validation processes to ensure data accuracy, data completion and reporting from your Data Systems.

We recommended business practices for data collection supported by policies and procedures to guide data entry and data requirements.

We provide reports displaying data with Charts, Graphs, Tables and records from collected data. We can provide management reports to direct data collection changes, correction of missing or incomplete data and we can assist in creating a data plan to provide consistency in data reporting.

Sample reports include:

Response Time Reports
Daily Activity Reporting of Incidents
Locations, Responses, Incident Types
EMS ALS vs. BLS Reporting
Duration Reporting
Demographic reports of persons, places, resources and staffing
Time of Day Reporting
Monthly Stats
Year to Date Reporting
Personnel and Equipment reporting

We provide a wide variety of Incident Reporting capabilities.

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