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About FireRMS

RescueNet FireRMS, which is owned by ZOLL Data Systems, is a comprehensive fire records management system designed to meet NFIRS, NEMSIS, state and local department data collection and reporting requirements. The program is module based for collecting and reporting Fire Department activities including Fire Incidents, EMS, Occupancy, Training, Vehicle Maintenance data.

FireRMS is a relational database built on SQL Server data management which utilizes a Crystal Reporting interface to facilitate comprehensive data analysis and report creation.

RescueNet FireRMS Mobile is an add-on field data collection and data access solution designed to provide remote users with the same access to information that is available from the fire records management system in the stations. With the mobile application it is easy to perform occupancy and hydrant inspections, complete patient care reports, and access up-to-the-minute data in the field, anytime and anywhere. It can be used with a wireless connection or can be utilized in a disconnected mode and synchronized when a connection is available.

One of the most important features of FireRMS is that it can be extensively customized to meet the unique data entry requirements of any fire department. If the fields and tabs that you need are not there, they can be created and added with relative ease.

The success of the FireRMS program is its adaptability to any Department’s unique requirements. It is a versatile tool for data collection and its strength is in the ability to collect data based on defined needs and requirements.

FireRMS has interfaces available to numerous CAD systems and permits utilization of third party programs such as the Personnel Scheduling Program from Telestaff for automated personnel assignment and station, shift and apparatus manpower management.

The customer base for the FireRMS product is estimated to be well over 500 Active Departments utilizing the Support and Maintenance programs provided by Tech Support, and Program Representatives. The total number of users of the FireRMS program is estimated to exceed 1,000 Departments using the RMS program throughout the Continental United States and Canada when participating agencies are included.

Many large departments and counties that are users of RescueNet FireRMS and FireRMS Mobile join the extensive family of ZOLL Data Systems customers across North America.

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