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“Data drives progress impeded by 200 years of tradition”.

 – Jordan Webster, Fire Chief, City of Dinuba Fire Department

FireRMS Training Data Import Tool

 FireRMS Training Data Import Tool

 FireRMS Training Data Import Tool
The FireRMS program, is a data entry program designed to meet NFIRS reporting requirements and local department data collection and reporting requirements. The program is Module based for collecting and reporting Fire Department activities including Fire Incidents, EMS, Occupancy, Training, Vehicle Maintenance data.

The program is a relational database using SQL Server data management. Current development of the FireRMS program includes a Mobile Application for EMS Field Data Collection and Occupancy Inspection Data Collection. Extensive Customization capabilities for identifying and creating custom data entry points. Crystal Reporting interface for data analysis and report creation.

The success of the FireRMS program is its adaptability to a Departments requirements and use.

It is a versatile tool for data collection and its strength is in the ability to collect data based on defined needs and requirements. Utilization of Personnel Scheduling Program (Telestaff) for automated personnel assignment, station, shift and apparatus manpower management.

The Customer base for the FireRMS product is estimated to be over 500 Active Departments utilizing the Support and Maintenance programs provided by Tech Support, and Program Representatives. The total number of users of the FireRMS program is estimated to exceed 1000 Departments using the RMS program throughout the Continental United States and Canada.

Eliminates Dual Entry of Training Data

Spend Time Training Not Reentering data

Minimizes Bad Data Entry

FireRMS Training Data Import Tool Demo

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