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Crystal Reports

Crystal Reporting Classes


We will be presenting the Computer program Crystal Reports to your personnel and staff in a format to learn basic database structure and information reporting.

We will define the class timetable, length of class, and content of instruction for utilizing Crystal Report to access and display data from your Department FireRMS Program.

We will be providing tools and instruction on how to access Crystal Reports, to create a data report using your dept data, Design a report based on understanding the database and table structure Introduction to formulas and language the computer understands to assist us in bringing the data out of the database, Create new report or access existing reports and ensure they meet your data reporting needs

Learn how to navigate through the front end of the FireRMS (Graphic User Interface) GUI to the data tables and fields in the back end (storage) are of the FireRMS

Develop an understanding of how the data is stored and accessed so that we can learn to ask the “Right” questions From the database and obtain that data and display it in a report for future access.

We will be reviewing these concepts and processes to better understand and learn data collection, management and reporting through FireRMS.

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